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Netflix phishing scam 'well thought out': $50 Netflix coupon offer part of scam

A Netflix phishing scam online today is an elaborate and “well thought out” scam, which looks very realistic and can easily fool the average customer. If you have an account with Netflix, watch out for this phishing scam, which starts with you trying to login to your account.

Netflix phishing scam warning: This elaborate scam is making its way around the online world today.
YouTube screen shot

When trying to login, a pop-up window appears requesting that you call a Netflix phone number that they provide because they have temporarily suspended your username.The pop-up window also claims that your username is suspended for your protection because they “detected unusual activity on your account,” according to The Inquisitr on March 4.

When you call the Netflix number, which is really the scammers on the other end, they say they are Netflix tech support. They ask to control your computer remotely so they can go in and fix the problem. Instead of their remote fix, they are remotely taking over your computer and scamming all the information it contains.

They hit you with the cost is $389.97 at the end of all of this and this includes a “bogus” $50 Netflix coupon. They then ask you to send a photo ID so they have proof that the card you just used to pay for the “fix” is verified as belonging to you. For the folks that go along with this scam, these scammers have everything by the time the call ends, including your photo ID and access to your credit card.

Blogger Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher for Mawarebytes Unpacked, followed all the directions of the scammers and made himself a willing victim of this Netflix phishing scam. He said this is a scam that is “well thought out.” He did this under a fake name and fake account and he allowed the scammers, who are in India, to take remote control of his computer.

Much thought went into this scam says Segura, who also said:

"The Netflix theme was well thought out — from the suspended account ploy to the discount coupon if you agree to fix the issue, the bad guys have planned their approach in detail," Segura said in an interview. "Requesting a photo ID, as well as a snapshot of my credit card, was completely novel too, despite being the untrustworthy ones it is ironic they are trying to make sure the mark is not playing them. Aside from the fact that it is creepy, it creates a huge identity theft risk."

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