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Netflix phishing scam: 40 million Netflix subscribers at risk for phishing scam

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A Netflix phishing scam is targeting millions of customers of the on-demand Internet streaming media company with a bogus site alert which states the user's Netflix account has been suspended. The warning says that “unusual activity” has caused to the suspension, and then asks the user to provide personal data to a fake customer service number.

According to a March 4 report from the Inquisitr, the phony webpage looks similar to the Netflix login page. When the user calls the toll-free number, such as the 800-947-6570 number as shown in the example photo, they are connected to an actual person overseas, who likely will recommend they download software to rectify the problem.

The suggested “Netflix support software” is actually a remote takeover – the scammer will have complete access to your computer from a remote location. Alternatively, the fake customer service rep may also request credit card information and reportedly charge you $400 to “fix” your hacking problem.


“The best way to avoid this scam is to know about it. It’s also worth investing extra caution when dealing with any kind of email alert about an account, online or otherwise. Don’t click on links in emails – type the company’s URL in your address bar manually. There are even more great tips in our guide to protecting yourself against online threats, helping you avoid all sorts of other scams.”

The phony Netflix page URL may show: ""

Full details of the Netflix scam are available on the Malwarebytes Unpacked blog, which include a video and screen shots of the scam in action.

Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes Unpacked first noticed the scam on Feb. 28 and made a walkthrough video to protect customers from falling for it.

As of September 2013, Netflix reported global streaming subscribers at 40.4 million (31.2 million in the U.S.).



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