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Netflix passes HBO in revenue from subscribers

Taylor Schilling
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Netflix may have increased their prices, but that isn't keeping them from getting subscribers and making the big bucks. USA Today shared about how much money they are making now. They are now making more money than HBO when it comes to subscriptions. They both have subscribers, but Netflix is doing better.

Netflix is now earning $1.146 billion to the cable network's $1.141 billion. It is not a lot more, but when you look at those numbers they are making a lot of money just to get people to watch their stuff. Netflix is doing great with original programming such as "Orange is the New Black" and their other hit show "House of Cards."

Back in 2007, Netflix started and most people used it to get DVDs in the mail. You could rent a movie and then send it back and have another one on the way. It worked great for them, but with streaming service and DVRs people don't watch DVDs like they used to do. Now instead they would rather have streaming services.

Now Netflix can be watched on tablets, phones and gaming systems. If you have an electronic at your house, more than likely you can watch Netflix on it and catch up on your favorite shows. Hulu Plus is a similar service, but you can't see the Netflix original stuff with your subscription to them.

Most people have a Netflix subscription. It is pretty interesting to see that they keep coming out with new shows and they are doing great for them. New York Post shared that Reed Hastings of Netflix is honored to now be in the same league as HBO. Back in 2010, other companies dissed them and didn't seem to think that they would make it. Netflix has proved everyone wrong and is doing a great job.

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