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Netflix original series 'House of Cards' gets a dramatic season two trailer

On Monday, January 6 USA Today posted the new trailer for the upcoming second season of "House of Cards," the Netflix original series about the effects of power in politics. The new trailer features plenty of new footage for the thirteen episode new season, which will be available to stream on February 14, 2014. The director's commentary on the first season is currently available on Netflix instant streaming.

'House of Cards' season two poster
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The two and a half minute trailer is filled with spoilers including revealing new characters and plot details. Senator Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is sworn in as the Vice President of the United States which is the goal he was trying to accomplish during the first season.

However, some of Underwood's back channel dealings, including his manipulation of journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) to leak information is discussed in the press, alarming the president and his closest advisors. Peter's Russo's death is under investigation and one television news network links the White House to the whole situation. Zoe gets closer to realizing she cannot expose Underwood's actions without incriminating herself and her friends. Janine even gets a visit from the FBI and Lucas seems to be struggling at work with everything that has happened.

Claire Underwood deals with new pressure from being in the spotlight at work and with the suspicion surrounding Frank. Pete Stamper, Underwood's aide, and Rachel Posner will play important roles to keep the scandal either together or help it unravel. Remy Danton will play a larger role in season two, now that Underwood is in the new position.

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