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Netflix must watch: Long Way Round

BWM R1150GS on a trail.
BWM R1150GS on a trail.
H Anderson -

Netflix is filled with days upon days of instant entertainment in the form of movies, TV shows and documentaries. Luckily for gear heads there are many choices relating to cars and motorcycles. Long Way Round is a gripping TV series documenting the 2004 trip around the world of friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. McGregor starred in Star Wars and Black Hawk Down. Boorman is an actor as well, playing a role in Deliverance and Excalibur.

BMW R1150GS used by Boorman and McGregor during their 20,000 mile trip.
Tony Hisgett -

Long Way Round documents all aspects of the trip including planning the route, learning to speak Russian, muscle conditioning, choosing the motorcycles and of course the 115 day journey around the world. The team spent weeks of planning to prepare visas and other documents for crossing through 12 countries. Despite all the preparation, they still had issues when it comes to border crossings.

Originally KTM was going to supply dual-sport motorcycles for the trip, but they backed out. Luckily for the crew BMW came through, giving the team three R1150GS Adventure all-terrain motorcycles. With 85 horsepower, 75 pound-feet of torque and renowned reliability, the BMWs are competent international travelers.

McGregor and Boorman started the adventure in London, hoping to finish in New York 115 days later. Nearly everything is filmed and the viewer grows attached to the friends as they share thoughts with daily video diary entries. Without giving too much away, Long Way Round is an epic journey of two friends that embark on every enthusiasts dream of motorcycling around the world.

All 10 episodes are currently available on Netflix instant view. Click here for more information about the Long Way Round.

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