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Netflix buys rights to Season 1 of 'The Blacklist' for several million dollars

James Spader
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The Blacklist” was one of the highest watched freshman dramas for NBC in quite some time. Fans couldn't get enough of the mystery surrounding Reddington and his connection to Lizzie. The story lines were perfectly planned and executed. Season 2 was everything but guaranteed by the third episode. According to an August 28 report from Entertainment Weekly, Netflix has paid a hefty price for the rights to Season 1 of “The Blacklist.” It is being said that they paid $2 million dollars per episode. That was a pretty ballsy move for the company, but it will pay off!

There is still plenty of speculation about what will happen during Season 2 of “The Blacklist.” The answers about Reddington and Lizzie were not revealed at all. Originally it was believed he was her biological father, but some fans are thinking uncle or something along those lines. There are high expectations for the upcoming season, and it doesn't look like NBC will disappoint. Several actors have expressed wanting to guest star on the show, which could lead to an interesting season!

Season 2 of “The Blacklist” is set to debut September 22. There is no information about when the series will be available to watch on Netflix. Fans aren't anticipating a long wait, since the second season is already set to begin. The show is also being shopped around for syndication on cable networks, but no specifics have been released on that either. It appears that NBC hit a home run with this series!

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