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Netflix binge on these five TV horror shows of the early 2010s

There are so many great classic horror TV out there from "Dark Shadows" to the "X-Files." This article is going to look at five programs from the early 2010s. So they are some recent horror thrillers that you either love or are interested to watch for the first time.

1. "Bates Motel" (2013)

Since the second season is starting up soon, it's not bad to go on your Netflix account and binge on the whole first season. Freddie Highmore plays the young Mr. Norman Bates. After binging on the show watch the classic 1960 movie too or rent the books by Robert Bloch.

2. "The Returned" (2012)

"The Returned," is a French supernatural drama about people who once died that come back to life. They try to get on with their lives, while weirder things start to happen. Netflix has the first season on their site. It's eight episodes worth. The SundanceTV channel first aired in the U.S. on Halloween of last year.

3. "American Horror Story" (2011)

Netflix has the first two seasons of this horror anthology. If you feel like watching them again or for the first time. In total you can stream 23 episodes of the series!

4. "The Walking Dead" (2010)

If you can't live without "The Walking Dead," and tired of waiting for Sundays, Netflix has the first three seasons. Also if you still haven't seen it and wondering what everyone is talking about, check it out and judge for yourself.

5. "Haven" (2010)

"Haven," created in 2010 was inspired by Stephen King's novel, "Colorado Kid." Netflix has the first three seasons on their site. It's a pretty good show and Emily Rose as the lead of Aubrey is great!

So take the night or weekend off and have some fun binge watching these programs for the first to the tenth time!

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