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Netflix at it again

Netflix widens audience for comedy travel show
Netflix widens audience for comedy travel show
An Idiot Abroad

Netflix is adding more and more titles every day. One of the hilarious options found is the clever travel docucomedy, "An Idiot Abroad". Karl is sent to places he's never been before and put into uncomfortable situations. Viewers learn a lot about the real culture and lifestyle of the places he goes because he's sent into people's homes, to his great dismay.

Rick Gervais, one of the creators of "The Office", has another star show with this one. It's like a clean version of "JackAss" in some regards and Karl is a more normal Steve-O. Karl ends up doing almost anything he's told to do but he's not happy about it and has folks happy to be on this trip with him but not in his shoes.

We never do find out how he manages through some of the trials and tribulations like squatting over a hole to defecate or getting any sleep at all. Some episodes are funnier than others with Karl's deadpan comments and concerned facial expressions but each one is very educational. After watching some places we want to visit and some we feel we've come close enough.

In the very first episode of the very first season, Karl gives us a look into what is in store for us and how he thinks. He's at a Chinese store that will write your name in Chinese letters. First, they can't get his name correct and he leaves with a sign that might say Karl or it might say Karla. He's never quite sure. Back at the hotel he doesn't remember which way is up and figures it doesn't really matter. In fact, he considers it might make a good gift for Susan as she will not be aware it actually says Karl...or Karla.

This clever, educational fare is a bright spot to the day and good news for Netflix remaining relevant.