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Netflix adding 'Super HD' and 3D to its service

Super HD and 3D coming
Super HD and 3D coming

Netflix announced late Thursday the addition of two new features for its service; namely Super HD and 3D.

Super HD is essentially content streamed at 1080p, which will require that a user be a part of an eligible ISP (being part of the Open Connect initiative). For those unsure if their ISP is a part of the program, Netflix has rolled out a page that will let you know if your ISP qualifies.

A few new features are being rolled out by Netflix.

Streaming in Super HD requires a connection of at least 5Mb/s, although 7Mb/s is what Netflix is recommending. Compatible devices include the Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, Roku XD/XS, Apple TV, Windows 8 and Blu-ray players and Smart TVs with 1080p support. Strangely enough, the Xbox 360 is not a part of this list, but Netflix says more devices will be added shortly.

Content can be picked out to be in Super HD by looking for a logo next to the content's title.

Netflix also stated that they will begin streaming 3D titles, beginning with Immortals and a series of documentaries.


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