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Netanyahu blasts Obama, Hamas intends to destroy Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Visits tactical headquarters of the IDF
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The war between Israel and the Muslim terrorist group, Hamas has reached a new level with the continued interference of the Obama administration that in turn has angered Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in telling President Obama and his administration to back off and to stop second-guessing him on how he is dealing with Hamas.

Netanyahu’s anger was conveyed by GOPUSA on Saturday, who cited a report by the Associated Press (AP) in which Netanyahu told the White House to stop trying to force a truce with the Hamas terrorists on Israel.

Part of the fostering anger stems from Secretary of State, John Kerry’s proposal in calling for negotiations on Hamas demands, including opening border crossings into Gaza and relaxed boating restrictions off the Gaza coast. In addition, its language reportedly upgraded Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, to an equal plane with Israel, something that is annoying Netanyahu.

In the news report, reported by AP National Security Writer Lara Jakes, Jakes said that an Israeli official stated that the Israeli government viewed both Hamas and Qatar as having violated the commitment given to the U.S. and the U.N. It has also expected the international community to take practical steps as part of a “strong and swift response,” especially regarding the return of the abducted soldier.

Jakes said, “In a phone call with U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, Netanyahu vented his anger, according to people familiar with the call.”

“Netanyahu told Shapiro the Obama administration was "not to ever second-guess me again" and that Washington should trust his judgment on how to deal with Hamas, according to the people,” Jakes reported. “Netanyahu added that he now “expected” the U.S. and other countries to fully support Israel's offensive in Gaza. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter by name.”

Hamas does not intend to give up on its battle against Israel and has stated its intentions of destroying Israel, something the mainstream media has not widely reported other than a few days ago when NBC News quietly altered an article blaming Israel for a strike on the Gaza Strip’s main hospital but failed to tell it's readers, on Monday.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a prominent Hamas leader and who abandoned the Islam religion and is now a Christian told Fox News television and radio host, Sean Hannity on Wednesday that no concessions by Israel will stop the Islamic organization from its stated aim to destroy Israel and anyone that gets in their way.

Yousef told Hannity, “They don’t have political boundaries to their ideology. They want to destroy Israel… they want to destroy anyone who does not believe in their ideology. Hamas doesn’t care about the lives of Palestinians, as well as Israelis.”

In 2010, Yousef told WND, “If they can establish this in a peaceful manner, that’s fine. But they are required by the Quran to establish this global Islamic state on the rubble of every civilization, every constitution, and every government. This is not a doctrine of some freak’s the doctrine, the requirement, of the god of Islam himself and his prophet, whom they praise every day.”

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