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Nestlé® Toll House® turns 75

Looking for an easy, yummy treat that goes great with Easter?

Toll House cookies, those chocolatey, gooey bite-size morsels, are just the right for Easter baskets and Easter dinner.
Nestlé® Toll House®,

Toll House cookies, those chocolatey, gooey bite-size morsels, are just the right for Easter baskets and Easter dinner.

And this is a big year for Nestlé® because Toll House® chocolate chip cookies are turning 75.

A happy accident

In 1930 if you lived in Whitman, Mass., and wanted a hot, home-cooked meal, you went to the Toll House Inn.

Run by Terry and Ruth Graves Wakefield as an inn, the Toll House was never used to collect any kind of toll.

Nor was it built in 1709, but in 1817 which is still old enough to be impressive.

The Toll House’s main claim to fame was its food, all of which Ruth cooked, most especially the desserts, for which by all accounts she was justly famous.

One day in 1936 while making her butter drop cookies, an old colonial recipe, she cut a bar of Nestlé® semi-sweet chocolate into pieces and worked it into the dough.

Wakefield was surprised when the chocolate melted to a creamy texture but kept its shape instead of bleeding into the dough.

And so the Toll House chocolate chip cookie was born.

Miss Ruth gets into bed with Nestle®

The cookies were an instant success, so much so that their inventor published the recipe in newspapers in and around Boston.

Then came many more happy accidents – sales of Nestle chocolate skyrocketed, and Miss Ruth made a Nestlé® a proposition they couldn’t refuse.

In exchange for printing her recipe on the wrappers of every bar semi-sweet chocolate, Miss Ruth would keep right on baking cookies and talking up Nestlé® chocolate.

And she’d get a lifetime supply, the better to make her famous cookies.

The world’s first morsels

After several attempts to make the big chocolate bars easier to manage in the kitchen, in 1939 Nestle introduced the very first NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels.

The next year, Miss Ruth published her own cookbook ‘Toll House Tried and True Recipes,’ which went through 39 printings starting in 1940.

Though the inn and the Wakefields are gone now, Nestlé® Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies are still the most famous cookies of all time.

And the recipe is still printed on every package of Nestlé® semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Never made any?

Read the accompanying list.



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