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Nespresso launches limited edition Colombian Terroirs coffees for spring

Nespresso launches its latest limited-edition Gran Cru coffees, Cauca and Santander (both from Colombia) for spring 2014.
Robert Haynes-Peterson

Twice each year, Nespresso adds a limited edition OriginalLine coffee or coffees to its Grand Cru selections. This spring the coffees explore the geographic influences of Colombia with Colombian Terroirs: Cauca and Santander. "Terroir," a concept developed by the French wine industry, is the idea that place and context (microclimates, soils, geography and even the people directly involved) is reflected in the look, aroma and taste of the final product.

Cauca: Arriving in a mint-green espresso capsule, Cauca is derived from Arabica coffees growing in the hilly, verdant region of Valle del Cauca about 50 miles east of the Pacific and 200 miles southwest of Bogota. The volcanic soil is said to influence coffees, producing red fruit aromatics and a tangy flavor. It produces a light mocha crema. On the nose, caramel, toasted berry fruit, and elegant green herbal notes. On the palate, it is rich but mild, with low to medium acids, and notes of rose, apricot and mild toast. It is mellow, yet filled with character, light on the mid-palate with a warm, toasty finish. Intensity 6

Santander: Grown in the dry, steep and mountainous region of Santander, these Arabica beans grow much further inland in dry calcereous soils, at a higher elevation. The region is about 100 miles east of Medellin, equidistant from the Pacific and the Caribbean. The rose gold capsule reflects the darker brown, almost tanned leather quality of the crema. The aroma is rich and nutty, with deeper toast and bread notes, and a hint of cigar leaf. On the mouth, it feels darker and heavier, with more prominent acids but still mild in tannins, like a good Bordeaux. While there are a few intriguing bitter notes, the coffee is delightfully smooth and full, with hints of chocolate, blackberry and caramel. This makes an inviting early morning riser, while Cauca might be best at brunch, served with a small snack or in the late afternoon. Intensity 7

Want to learn more about the farms and the growing processes involved in making these two coffees? Scroll down at

Nespresso Colombian Terroirs coffees, Cauca and Santander, launch April 7 at Nespresso Flagship boutiques, in-shop boutique locations around the country, through the Nespresso Club and online at Coffees are available for a limited time. Note: These capsules work with all Nespresso machines except the new VertuoLine coffee machine.


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