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‘NES Open Tournament Golf’ now available on the Wii U Virtual Console

The website has confirmed the release of a new game on the Wii U Virtual Console. That game is “NES Open Tournament Golf” and it was released on March 6, 2014. This game was originally released on the NES in 1991. The game is available for download for the price of $4.99.

Gameplay image from "NES Open Tournament Golf"
Gameplay image from "NES Open Tournament Golf"
The box art for the original NES release of "NES Open Tournament Golf"

“NES Open Tournament Golf,” as its name implies, is a golf simulation title. The game allows the player to play as Mario, Luigi, and 4 other characters unique to this game (Steve, Mark, Tony, and Billy). The game plays like a simplified version of the later released “Mario Golf” titles. The player must time their button presses based on a bar at the bottom of the screen. If the player times their button presses correctly, the ball will go to where they aimed down the course. If the player times the presses incorrectly, the ball can potentially fly far off the course. The player must deal with many factors when performing their shots, including the wind, the terrain the ball is on, and which club they are using. The player has a bit of variety in the courses to play, but most of them are relatively straightforward.

To learn more about “NES Open Tournament Golf,” visit its page on Nintendo’s website:

"NES Open Tournament Golf" on Nintendo's official release website