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Nervous For Your First Date?

Everyone gets nervous for their first date with someone.
Everyone gets nervous for their first date with someone.

Being asked out by your crush is one of the most exciting things to happen. But as the days start winding down to the first date, you begin over thinking and making yourself nervous. Sometimes you can even make yourself sick thinking about if you mess up or embarrass yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind during your first date with this person:

  1. It is their first date with you so they are probably as nervous as you are. If you are thinking “No they don’t get nervous, they even had the guts to ask me out” then you’re wrong. Just because they had the nerves to ask you out does not mean they won’t be nervous for the date. They were probably nervous to even ask you out in the first place fearing that you may say no. But since you said yes, you gave them a little bit of confidence. You can have confidence too considering they chose you over how many other people in the world?
  2. You are both human. Humans make mistakes and get upset stomachs. Although this can still be pretty embarrassing on a first date, try to not let it show that it bothers you. If your stomach starts gurgling either pass it off as you are hungry/still hungry, or just say that you are not feeling well. If they ask if you want to end the date but you don’t want to, suggest going to a place that’s loud where they won’t hear your stomach gurgling.
  3. If you are having trouble thinking about what to wear for your first date, think of what you were wearing when they had the nerve to ask you out. If you were just wearing sweatpants and a sweat shirt, dress a little casual. Maybe wear a pair of jeans with a sweater or a pair of jeans with a plain T-shirt. If you don’t know if they will be dressing dressy, then wear a dark pair of jeans with a nice top. If you are a guy then maybe wear a button up with the buttons undone and a plain white t-shirt underneath. For the ladies you could wear a simple spring dress, or dark jeans with a cute NON GRAPHIC Tee. If you are going a little dressy then do not choose to wear a graphic T, maybe you could choose a printed top or something that is a little frilly. This is casual yet dressy.
  4. If you are afraid of running out of things to talk about, practice your small talk before the date. Maybe you could sit in front of the mirror and pretend your reflection is your date. Whenever there is a silent moment during this awkward first date, ask them about their family, their likes and dislikes. But try to not sum up the questions in to vague things such as “what are your likes and dislikes”, ask them specifics such as “are you in to sports?” if they say yes, ask them “what is your favorite sport? Who is your favorite team? How long have you been a fan? Etc.” If they aren’t in to sports, ask them what their hobbies are then go from there.