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NERVO in an exclusive interview at Mysteryland USA

After recently releasing the second installment of Ministry of Sound’sInspired’ compilation series that features the duo’s all-time favorite tracks of past and present day and dlivering two new singles, “Revolution” and “Sunshine Through Rain Clouds,” which have been exploding across the main stages of festivals, the unmistakable NERVO twins have been kicking off their summer by performing at some of the most desirable venues and anticipated events this season. To start, the duo kicked off their Memorial Day Weekend with a historic performance at the inaugural debut of Mysteryland USA in Bethel Woods, New York. The three day festival, which began Friday May 23 and carried its way into Sunday May 25, featured over 200 renowned artists across seven different stages making an indelible mark over the historic 1969 Woodstock Grounds site.

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NERVO will headline August 30 at Randalls Island
Made Event

Prior to their moving performance that had 20,000 ‘nomads’ dancing in the rain, the duo sat down with the Electronic Dance Music Examiner to discuss their recent releases, their plans for the summer, and aspirations for their career in the EDM industry. For anyone who was unable to catch NERVO’s Mysteryland performance, the duo is scheduled to return to the New York City area this Labor Day Weekend when they headline Electric Zoo at Randalls Island Park on August 30.

For the past five years, Electric Zoo has been providing EDM fans with the ultimate end-of-summer event. This year’s Electric Zoo will be featuring 50 headlining acts spanning across each of its two main stages and three state-of the-art tents. Main Stage artists will include (listed alphabetically): Alesso, Armin van Burren, Benny Bennassi, Bingo Players, Dada Life, Dash Berlin, David Guetta, Deorro, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Dyro, Fedde Le Grand, Jack U, NERVO, Nicky Romero, Kaskade, Knife Party, Laidback Luke, Showtek, Zedd, and many more. Tickets to Made Event’s Labor Day Weekend festival can be purchased via Made Event at the following link:

Mysteryland has easily become one of the most ground-breaking festivals due its cutting-edge music coupled with its ground-breaking art installations. Its historic USA debut featured ‘A-listers’ such as: Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Showtek, NERVO, Fedde Le Grand, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike among many others. Fans can relive the Mysteryland magic all over again by watching the newly released official after-movie. Be sure to check-out what NERVO had to say at the festival in the exclusive interview below.

(EDM Examiner): First and foremost, I love the compilation you just released for Ministry of Sound as part of their ‘Inspired’ series.

Mim: Oh, do you? Awesome!

Yea, so how did you guys go about narrowing your selections down for that compilation?

Liv: That was really hard. We could have made like four albums. It was really hard.

So you just wrote down all of your all-time favorites [songs] and then you just narrowed it down pretty much?

Liv: Yeah, we did and also there's a lot of work that goes into getting the licensing and work for it—

Oh yeah, right.

Mim: So there were quite a few records that we couldn't get, because for whatever reason, their labels wouldn't let us--

Liv: It was nice, because we did flashbacks that inspired us [during] times when we were at school, and then from when were at the university, and then from when we moved to London, so there were lots to choose.

So is there any one track that you are most partial to on the compilation?

Mim: Yeah, me definitely. Sean Escoffery [“Days Like This”]

Oh yeah! That one's a good one! Is there any reason why you’re more partial to that one in particular?

Mim: Yea, it reminds me of many moments, of sunrises…the sun rising at like six or seven in the morning, [after] you've been out at beautiful clubs…

(Laughs) So what made the two of you initially decide to work together? I know that the two of you are sisters, but what made you decide to make music together as a duo? Do the two of you just like music?

Liv: We share a mutual love for music, and we always started making music together so it was just a natural evolution.

Mim: We started clubbing together…sneaking out together when we were young.

(Laughs) Oh, ok and then that...that’s where it all started.

Liv: And it’s always been…two is always better than one.

Of course! Absolutely! I think that's really nice that you both have a good relationship with each other. Some people can easily have a bad relationship with their siblings, and it's nice to see you guys have one that's solid. So who do think had the most impact on both of you becoming the artists that you are today?

Liv: Perhaps the most impact or at least a really large impact came from David Guetta. We were working with him for a really long time. I think we were working two or three years before we came out from behind the scenes

Mim: He would always say to us, ‘Girls - why don't you just be artists, and release under your own name?’ And we had never before that thought that it could be an avenue [for us.]

Wow. That's awesome. So what was it like receiving that worldwide attention on that track? …because it really kind of exploded.

Mim: Life changing! Yeah, it's still amazing.

Liv: We're really...

Mim: Proud of it.

Liv: It's one of our proudest moments.

Did you ever anticipate it getting as big as it did, particularly that one track?

Liv: No way! I mean, it won a Grammy, it was number one in eleven countries at one stage [point].

Mim: And the thing is we had been writing and producing in the studio for other artists for, at that time, six years. And we had thought that other records we had done were just as good, so you never know which ones are going to pop and which ones aren’t.

So when you look at your resume, there are just so many impressive artists that you've worked with. What is the creative process like for the two of you when it comes to producing or writing your music? Like how do you go about conceptualizing it to actually making it? How does that process go about?

Mim: You really just get into a jam and into a flow. You start with a blank canvas, or you might start with someone's accapella or someone’s riff. You know? It depends if you collaborate or start from scratch. And so we just start to throw ideas forward at the computer screen and see what sticks.

Liv: And [start] building on it, and it always morphs into something that's completely different, and that's what you get at the end.

I know that the DJ industry in general seems to be a very male saturated industry. What challenges do you think you've had to face being female? Do you think it's been harder at all or easier? What’s your take on it?

Liv: I think it has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Mim: We try not to focus on it, because there's nothing we can do.

Liv: We're not going to have sex changes now. It's a little too late for that.


Liv: You know, I think the good thing about the boys

Mim: is they look after us.

Liv: They do look after us. We have so much support especially because we work with a lot of them and have worked for a lot of them over time, so they really supported us when we came out.

Yeah, all the more power to you! Well I also read that you guys model too, right?

Liv: We do model now. Like we get quite a lot of modeling work because of the DJing, so we’ve been with Cover Girl.

Well you guys are also are super-hot so...

Liv: Well, on days when we haven’t slept, we feel otherwise. (Laughing)

(Laughs) So do you have any other interests or hobbies that you guys do on the side that no one knows about

Liv: We do; We like to cook.

Oh, that's nice! Who's the better cook?

Liv: We're both good. We both have different signature dishes.

Mim: I cook with more fat than you, don’t I? I like to cook with more butter and oil.

(Laughs) That's cool. So are there any goals you still have? You careers have really exploded, but what are some aspirations you still have for yourselves as artists?

Mim: I would love some of our records to get on the radio. You know? It's a challenge.

I can see that happening for sure. I mean, the David Guetta track was on the radio.

Liv: That's true, but our name wasn't on it. We were just like the ghost writers on it.

Mim: I'd love to have a record that we are really proud of, that represents us, that goes well that crosses over.

Cool. Well, I'm sure that will happen in the near future. Do you have any other projects coming up that we can inform readers about?

Mim: We've got the album. It's done. We're working out which label to release it through now. We've got residencies in Ibiza Ushaia coming up, so we're moving to Ibiza next week.

No way! Oh my god! That’s amazing!

Liv: But we've been living there for the last four years every summer. It's just our blue piece of paradise.

That has to be unbelievable! Unreal! Well, it was so nice to meet you guys! Thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Liv: It was so nice to meet you as well.

Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

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