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Nerd Block Jr., the joy of new toys every month

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Cristine Struble

Kids experience such joy when they get to open a new toy. The excitement builds from the first tear into the plastic. Will the toy make noise? Will it light up? Will it totally annoy my little brother? With a subscription to Nerd Block Jr, your child can experience the new toy joy each and every month.

Nerd Block Jr for boys
Cristine Struble

Nerd Block Jr offers a monthly subscription aimed at kids ages 6-11. The subscription can be geared toward both boys or girls. Each month a box is sent to your home with a selection of toys. The brands of toys vary depending on the shipment. With rigorous testing, including quality, brand association, collectible and fun factor, these toys will keep kids occupied for hours or days.

While each monthly box can vary, products and games could include brands like Star Wars, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Angry Birds, and many more. By working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Nerd Block delivers on value and exclusivity. The kids will have some of the hottest toys and be the envy of their friends.

Nerd Block Jr. would be great for grandparents to purchase for the grandkids. The monthly box is a great way for the kids to know that the grandparents are thinking of them. Also, this subscription service can be a fun way for parents to limit the new toys in the house. Instead of overspending and over buying every time the family stops at its favorite store, the parents can say wait for your special monthly Nerd Block Jr box.

The monthly subscription to Nerd Block Jr is $13.99.

Live by the motto, geek tested, nerd approved and join the Nerd Block Jr program. Your kids will be so quiet playing with the new toys that parents might get a moments peace.

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