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Neptune, Intuition or Illusion?

Neptune has a double connotation because it rules the imagination, which can be reflective of one’s mental health. As being one of the slowest moving planets, the time spent in any given sign is generational. Because of this, I will cover Neptune in the houses.

Neptune in 1st Having Neptune in the Ascendant makes one very dependent on their intuition as well as imagination. When they listen to their inner voice, it usually guides them correctly.

Neptune in 2nd What one values when it comes to Neptune is important, however, caution must be taken when dealing with speculative financial endeavors or get-rich-quick schemes.

Neptune in 3rd Communication with family, friends and people met on a daily basis is colored with imagination, just be aware that not everyone understands lofty dialogue.

Neptune in 4th Home, family and parents can have some aspects of delusion. There is a strong karmic lean with regard to parental expectations, which often involves secrets and mysteries.

Neptune in 5th Is a beneficial place for this planet since this is the house of creation, recreation and procreation. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Mystery writers with this placement would be prolific.

Neptune in 6th Service to the community, physical health and general employment as well as the spiritual sense of giving back is influenced. There may be many work positions and some disease that is hard to diagnose if afflicted.

Neptune in 7th As the first of the social houses, Neptune in 7 could mean a karmic union – business, marital, legal – that cannot be taken at face value. Don’t let emotional confusion cloud better judgment.

Neptune in 8th There is intuition, even clairvoyant abilities and sometimes a fascination with the occult and affairs of the dead. If the placement is afflicted, one may fall victim to negative influences.

Neptune in 9th Fascination with mystical forms of religion as well as people and languages from other countries. Travel, even education or religious instruction would be beneficial.

Neptune in 10th The influence of Neptune in the Midheaven involves the career, and if the planet is afflicted, the imagined rise may be a real crash and burn or scandal if one has been deceptive with peers.

Neptune in 11th This house represents spiritual links between social networks, group associates and close friends. If the planet is well aspected, the circle benefits. If afflicted, unsavory associations may negatively influence the individual.

Neptune in 12th Because the 12th house traditionally represents “self-undoing” Neptune here would indicate mental disorders, or neurotic preoccupation with the past. If well aspected, artistic ability is present. There is an intuitive link to the unconscious.

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