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Neoncon comes to Las Vegas

Defeating evil is important
Defeating evil is important
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Neoncon begins Thursday, November 5th at the Palace Station in Las Vegas and runs until Sunday, conNovember 8th. The gaming convention returns this year with keynote speaker Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing, as well as designer and artist Stan! and many other designers, writers and artists. RPGs, board games, wargames, and LARPs abound as southern Nevada gets its seasonal dose of awesome game geekery.

In addition to gaming there are speakers on schedule to discuss a variety of issues facing the gaming industry including brand promotion through social media, women consumers for the tabletop market, freelancing, podcasting, a game design workshop, as well as Eric Mona’s address on pen-and-paper gaming for the 21st century.

Membership is $50.00 and you can register here. Vegas gamers, get your game on!