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Neonatal/Newborn Kitten Care

Neonatal kitten chital care
Neonatal kitten chital care
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Neonatal kittens' lives are fragile under the best of circumstances, and that fragility increases when they are orphaned or sick. Learn how shelter veterinarians, and those working with kitten nursery programs and rescue groups, provide the best care for these fragile little lives by going to the Maddie's Institute webcast website.

Dr. Elizabeth J. Thomovsky, a veterinarian and board-certified specialist in emergency and critical care at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, presents Critical Care of the Sick Neonatal Kitten. This presentation will include:

Normal findings of healthy neonatal kittens
Review of diseases of neonatal kittens including clinical presentation/historical signs
Fluid support
Administration of antibiotics
Feeding the neonate
Orogastric and other tubes

At the Maddies Find Institute webcast page you will find many more webcast learning opportunities. Everything from community cat management to feline behavior. All webcasts are free of charge. There are also blogs, newsletter updates on feedback and discussions and surveys. Never feel helpless again when it comes to helping and understanding our favorite domesticated and feral friends.

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