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Neon Trees rocks iHeartRadio Live Series celebrating new album 'Pop Psychology'

Musicians Chris Allen, Tyler Glenn, Elaine Bradley and Branden Campbell of Neon Trees
Musicians Chris Allen, Tyler Glenn, Elaine Bradley and Branden Campbell of Neon Trees
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All of the biggest Neon Trees fans made it their goal to get into the iHeartRadio Theater on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, for their intimate concert event. We heard some classics like "Everybody Talks" as well as some of the great new tracks featured on their new album "Pop Psychology" which came out in stores that day. The room was packed with bodies, clapping and yelling for more. After playing a good 30 minutes live for IHeartRadio listeners and attendees, the band continued to play, with another half hour of great music. Tyler Glenn explained that the band has focused on playing rock music since the beginning, but has mixed its rock with pop within this new album. "We said we love pop music, we're a rock band that plays pop songs, and we love to dance," Glenn exclaimed.

A little history for those who are new to Neon Trees: Tyler (Vocalist) and Chris (Lead Guitar) left California in 2010 to move to Provo where they connected and started the band, which later found Brandon (Bass Guitar) and Elaine (Drummer) as their other core group members. Brandon, who has recently married the love of his life, along with Elaine having a new baby talked about how appreciative and truly grateful they are towards their families that allow them to travel and work on the road for as long as they do. Tyler also shouted out "I'm Single!" while Elaine explained "We all have really fantastic spouses, who sacrifice a lot and are equally in it!"

After rocking out for a good hour the band ended with the song "First Things First" which seemed to be the most popular, at least judging by the reaction of the crowd in the theater. "This song tells the story of self-acceptance, because the truth of the matter is, sometimes in life, there are things we don't get, and we're sad about it, and we're down in the dumps about it, and we're sad and we cry, but the truth of the matter is we deserve things that we work hard for! and YOU do too! So Ladies and Gentleman I want you to let this testimony sink deep into your heart, because it's helped me a lot," Glen told the crowd.

Neon Trees set list included "Sleeping with a Friend," "Love In 21st Century," "Animal," "I love You (But I Hate Your Friends)," "Text Me in the Morning," "Voices from Above," "Lessons in Love," "Mad Love," "Teenager in Love," "Everybody Talks," and "First Things First." We had a wonderful time at this special concert event.

JC Routh contributed reporting.