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Neon Steeple. 'Nough Said!

The talented David Crowder Band launched his Album Release Sunday at Passion City Church. The church was packed with little standing room. All ages were worshiping to his new and seasoned music. The band has taken on a new vibe that resonates with every generation. David Crowder did it again. The best beats, sounds and lyrics. This man is a lyrical genius.

David Crowder NEON Steeple
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Crowder describes this new HIT "Folktronica" album with these words from his Facebook page:

Neon Steeple is a collection of songs and sounds looking forward to the past and counting the present as sacred. It is a search for home. It is a collection of choruses that believe that this is not all there is. It is displacement and tension and the forward lean anticipating the resolution. There is more, there must be. It is the sound of the Appalachians and Ibiza. Folk music and EDM. The music of the People. Folktronica. Digital and Analog. The Ones and Zeros and the Handshake. The Banjo and the 808.

Neon is an inert noble gas that is obtained from the distillation of liquid air, what we breathe in and out to stay alive, just thicker. You can drown in it. This is metaphor. Neon, a thing stereotypically used to sell some product or market a way of life that distracts a human from the thickness, the weight, the heaviness, the tension of the here and now. Neon Steeple is both a critique and a hope. A narrative of innocence lost, of displacement, of misplaced affections and misplaced people and the search for belonging and home and forgiveness and reconciliation, the tension of death and life leaning toward resolution, the promised land of what it means to come to life. The story is not about making bad people good, it is about making dead people alive. This is Promised Land. This is Redemption. This is Reorientation. This is Resolution.

Go and buy this album. We did and it resounds throughout our vehicles and house daily. Check it out on his website or on iTunes. LEGGO ... Bravo David Crowder. Hope to see you at the GRAMMYs 2015.


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