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Neon’s Unplugged to Host Intimate Show with Marian Call

Marian Call
Marian Call

Who exactly is Marian Call? Is she the voice of the geek culture? Could she possibly be the song bird of the DIY scene in the making? Only one thing is for sure, Marian Call is a long way from Anchorage, AK as she stops by Neon’s to perform this Saturday.

If you have not heard of Marian Call yet, you must not spend enough time on the internet. Her story is one of success that social media can bring to unknown artist. Her internet following describes her sound as “a little like Joni Mitchell & Regina Spektor raising the child of Jason Mraz & Erin McKeown”. Yet before reaching this point, Marian Call was a recent Stanford University graduate working at a coffee shop in Alaska honing her craft. If there ever was a group of people to create internet buzz amongst, Marian hit the hammer on the head with the blog happy fans of the show Firefly. Inspired by an episode she wrote a song called “It Was Good for You, Too” and entered it in the Sing a Song of Saffron contest for the television show Firefly. Marian’s entry was picked as the clear favorite by the judges including actress Christina Hendricks. This recognition helped draw fans to her myspace page which featured a collection of songs Marian recorded in a local studio.

These days Marian Call is taking on an ambitious tour of all 50 states. After touching base this week in Ohio, Marian will bring her crew to Cincinnati on Saturday featuring Cleveland native and Miami University graduate Bryan Ray. Come to Over-the-Rhine’s backyard at Neon’s Unplugged this Saturday starting at 8pm. The setting will no doubt be ideal for Marian’s Alaskan-Folk styling.The coffee shop scene belongs to Tracy Walker in the Queen City, but for a weekend Marian Call will wear the crown.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Anyone who can make it to the show definitely should go. Got to see her earlier this year and wish I had gotten another opportunity.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    That was a great show!