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Neo-Nazis given key positions in Ukrainian government after western backed coup

Wolfsangel, official symbol of the Waffen SS during WWII and symbol of the Svoboda Party
Wolfsangel, official symbol of the Waffen SS during WWII and symbol of the Svoboda Party
Wikipedia/public domain

In Dec. Sen. John McCain met with Ukrainian government and opposition figures. The report says McCain dined with and even gave his support to opposition leaders, which includes the far-right Svoboda party, during his trip to the Ukraine.

Svoboda was founded as the Social National Party of Ukraine. It is said to be an ultra-nationalist Ukrainian party that's adopted Nazi Germany symbols and some of its ideology.

The “wolfsangel” rune is their party logo, and a symbol used by Waffen-SS divisions in World War II. The symbol is also popular with many Neo-Nazi groups of today.

Svoboda’s leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, and newly installed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, met with Sen. McCain when he visited the Ukraine several months ago. Tyahnybok is one of the most influential opposition leaders of the recent crisis in the Ukraine.

A 1999 report from Tel-Aviv University called the Svoboda party: "an extremist, right-wing, nationalist organization which emphasizes its identification with the ideology of German National Socialism."

The Svoboda party is accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Tyahnybok and some of his party leaders are said to have made several anti-Semitic and racist remarks. He made a televised speech in 2004, exhorting his party to fight “the Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine.”

The deputy leader of Svoboda Ihor Miroshnychenko called Ukrainian born actress Mila Kunis a “dirty Jewess," in 2012. His statement immediately drew international condemnation.

Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, another Svoboda party official, created the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre, a Ukrainian think tank. It was named in tribute to the notorious Nazi propaganda minister.

Tyahnybok vehemently denies his party is anti-Semitic or xenophobic. He told the New York Times in a 2012 interview:

Svoboda is not an anti-Semitic party. Svoboda is not a xenophobic party. Svoboda is not an anti-Russian party. Svoboda is not an anti-European party. Svoboda is simply and only a pro-Ukrainian party. And that’s it.

There aren't any explicit anti-Semitism or racist statements in its official party platform but there are some other oddities. These include "creating a list that would detail the number of KGB agents in the Ukrainian government. There would be bans on advertising tobacco, alcohol, Ukrainophobia and adoptions of Ukrainian children to foreigners."

In 2012, Svoboda garnered 10 percent of the vote in the Ukrainian elections. This made them the fourth largest party with 37 seats in the parliament. Their party will gain three ministries in the interim government. These posts include the deputy prime minister and the heads of the agriculture and environmental ministries according to the Daily Caller.

A Svoboda lawmaker has also been appointed as the new prosecutor general. Despite the party's Nazi-connections they've been appointed to key positions in the interim Ukrainian government.

The new Ukrainian government, which includes Neo-Nazis mind you, has been endorsed by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. In a leaked phone call Nuland is heard saying that Tyahnybok is someone Prime Minister Yatsenyuk should be meeting with and talking to at least four times a week.

In the call Nuland is heard saying "that would be great to help glue this thing, to have the U.N. help glue this thing, f*ck the EU" (click here to listen to the call). On March 4, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Ukraine to show his support of the interim government and pledged $1 billion from the U.S. in aid.

ABC News reports the aid is made up of a "$1 billion loan guarantee as well as technical and financial experts to help the Ukraine’s bank and finance ministry with its financial affairs and help prepare the country for national elections in May."

It would appear that the Obama administration has shown its willingness, again, to back objectionable and dangerous organizations around the world. Our government now backs al-Qaeda aligned rebels in Syria and Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

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