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Neo Nazi Craig Cobb: White supremacist pleads guilty to terrorizing and menacing

Self-proclaimed Neo Nazi Craig Cobb pleaded guilty this week to “terrorizing and menacing” folks in his small North Dakota town of Leith, where Cobb lives and had planned to establish an all-white enclave. As the video showed, Cobb was arrested last fall after he and one of his fellow white supremacist disciples went on an armed citizen patrol in Leith.

According to North Dakota’s Grand Forks Herald on Thursday, Cobb accepted a plea deal of one count of felony terrorizing and five misdemeanor counts of menacing in return for a guilty admission.“I apologize for my behavior and I regret my actions,” Cobb said before Judge David Reich in Burleigh County District Court.

However, the judge wants a psyche workup done on the 62-year-old before handing down his sentence.

“The court just doesn’t feel that comfortable issuing a sentence,” Judge Reich said.

Prosecutors recommended no further jail time for Cobb, who has been behind bars since mid November. Cobb’s plea deal calls for four years supervised probation with several conditions.

Cobb is wanted for an armed hate crime in Canada, and one of the conditions for his release will be that he must surrender all firearms, refrain from alcohol and have no contact, direct or indirect, with the multiple victims that filed suit against him.

In other words, Cobb must sit in his house and play nice for once.

“This is a way for the folks of Leith and the citizens of Grant County to move on,” Cobb’s court-appointed attorney, Ryan Heintz said.

In November, shortly before his arrest I might add, Cobb was the victim of talk show fodder after DNA testing showed the so-called Aryan “purebred” was actually 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.

Neo-Nazi white supremacist finds out he’s part African: Watch his reaction

Leith City Councilman Lee Cook was in attendance when Cobb was brought in shackled to give his guilty plea. Cook isn't convinced.

“All he’s going to do is go to another community and start over with somebody else,” Cook said.

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