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NeNe Leakes will jive on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 2

NeNe Leakes
Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung

NeNe Leakes will do the jive for week 2 of “Dancing with the Stars,” and she is not thrilled with her dance choice. On March 22, the official Facebook page of Leakes revealed the jive was difficult for her, and she was struggling with it. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was immediately concerned about the dance once she learned she would be stuck with it during her second week on the dance show.

Leakes posted a photo of herself on her blog that revealed she was tired after dancing the jive, and she admitted it was “kicking” her. After a successful cha-cha-cha during the first week of the “Dancing with the Stars” competition, Leakes was not happy to learn she would be forced to dance the jive. Although the jive is her husband’s favorite, the housewife is concerned about the energetic moves required for the dance.

Despite her husband’s opinion, Leakes admits it is not her favorite dance, and she is not the only competitor who is not happy with her choice on the show. Candace Cameron Bure is also concerned about doing the rumba with her partner because she would have preferred a different option. It appears the show did not actually give the stars their favorite dances for the second week.

Leakes has been busy practicing in the dance studio with Tony Dovolani, but she has not forgotten to ask her fans to vote for her frequently on social media. She is concerned about her upcoming jive performance, and she is not willing to lose any votes.

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