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NeNe Leakes speaks out: Kenya Moore is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

NeNe Leakes speaks out: Kenya Moore is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
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NeNe Leakes is known for her brutal honesty, not only about others but about herself. And she is not keeping quiet about the charity bachelor auction Kenya Moore orchestrated and her behavior at the event.

NeNe Leakes addressed the situation in her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Feb. 18 Bravo blog. Leakes first took the opportunity to apologize for her behavior at the event. Always striving to be a good example for young women, Leakes was critical of her behavior at the event and stated that she would rather teach young women to be aware of “the wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Kenya Moore threw a masquerade ball/bachelor auction to raise money for “Save Our Daughters”, one of the many charitable organizations that Leakes supports. Unfortunately, Leakes did not know anything about the event. NeNe says that Kenya hired a PR firm to send out e-vites to the event and that she never saw the e-vite. In her blog Leakes says that if Kenya’s intentions were pure and good that she would have picked up the phone and asked NeNe to put their differences aside for one night in order to raise money for “Save Our Daughters.”

In her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” blog, NeNe goes on to say that Kenya has no credibility when it comes to charity and hopes that “Save Our Daughters” did receive the thousands of dollars Moore claims the event raised.

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