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NeNe Leakes on why she covered Porsha Stewart's mouth after 'RHOA' fight

NeNe Leakes has finally explained why she took the drastic action of covering up Porhsa Stewart's mouth with her hands as Porsha lay on the floor hysterical after having just attacked Kenya Moore at the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show. As seen in a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, April 23, during NeNe's recent appearance on "The Arsenio Hall Show," she gave a detailed account of what happened that day and her thoughts on the entire matter.

NeNe Leakes attends the Shop Your Way #RealPersonal event at Ink48 on February 5, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Bryan Bedder

It turns out that NeNe, the only remaining original Atlanta housewife, quickly thought about the possible legal consequences for Porsha and sought to protect her. When asked by Arsenio about why she covered up Porsha's mouth, NeNe explained that it was so that Porsha would not incriminate herself with anything that she said.

Pointing out that she's a mom, NeNe first said that she quickly went to console Porsha because she was so hysterical. She then explained that she wanted Porsha to be quiet because "she was saying so much" and she didn't want her to say something that would incriminate her. "Listen, people are listening and you are under contract. Don't incriminate yourself. Just shhhhhh....," NeNe told Arsenio.

Before NeNe covered her mouth, Porsha shrieked out several thoughts as she lay hysterical on the floor, including that she can't believe that she just did what she just did and that she has embarrassed herself. Later on, as a crew member carried her off the stage, she said that she was sorry and that she can't believe that Kenya, or specifically "that ratchet h*," made her go there. NeNe's instinct to stop her from saying more than she should turned out to be a smart one as Porsha has since been charged with misdemeanor battery.

During her interview with Arsenio, NeNe Leakes also reiterated her support for Porsha Stewart, whom she believes was provoked by Kenya Moore. NeNe also revealed that Porsha asked for the reunion's production crew to stop Kenya with her props but no one did anything and that she herself has not read anything in her contract about physical violence not being allowed under any circumstance.

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