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NeNe Leakes mugshot shocks ‘RHOA’ fans; criminal past revealed (photo)

NeNe Leakes Mugshot
NeNe Leakes Mugshot
Public Domain / Clarke County Sheriff’s office

NeNe Leakes mushot is making the rounds with the fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Dancing With the Stars.” On Thursday, Star Magazine unearthed photographs taken years ago from four criminal charges that Leakes plead guilty to years ago. According to The Daily Mail who did a similar report on Thursday, the star was charged with three felony and one misdemeanor counts of 'theft of services' from a phone company.

One reason most people aren’t familiar with the charges is because at the time, NeNe Leakes was known by her real name Linnethia Johnson. The woman was not famous and living life the best way she knew how. Apparently these charges had NeNe getting her mugshot more than once as there are three separate times where she was photographed for her alleged crimes.

Fans might be wondering what happened to the charges. According to Radar Online report, a plea agreement was arranged and NeNe pled guilty to four charges, was put on probation and ordered to pay repay $2,650.

While NeNe Leakes has talked about her past, she definitely hasn’t shared this bit of detail about her life and everyone is quite surprised. Celebrities usually put details like this out in front so they don’t get snapped by people who are spiteful. That way everyone is already aware and nobody can try to ruin their reputation. Unlike Vegas, secrets seldom are kept in Hollywood and politics.