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NeNe Leakes dishes on 'Pillow Talk' and the uncomfortable questions she asked

Nene talks about the uncomfortable questions asked during "Pillow Talk."
Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" heated up pretty quickly during Nene Leakes' "Pillow Talk" session. On Feb. 10, NeNe took the to Bravo TV blog to explain herself and the questions she asked.

NeNe wanted to clear things up and let the viewers know that she's not totally to blame. She does admit that she asked the questions. She knew they would be uncomfortable even. What she denies though, is writing the trouble making questions.

Leakes also says that everyone who attended her Pillow Talk party knew what to expect. She said they knew there would be some adult conversation and they knew what kind of clothing they were expected to wear. NeNe claims that her intentions for this get together was to "build unity" among her friends and cast mates. Causing a huge dramatic scene was not her intention at all, according to NeNe anyway.

She also addressed the allegations that she was gay bashing Brandon. She does admit that she called him a queen but says she wasn't gay bashing at all. She even uses the Bravo network series called "Fashion Queens" as her defense, stating that it shouldn't be considered offensive.

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