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Nelson Garrett's Antique Show at the Citadel September 2013 in Charleston, SC

The Nelson Garrett’s antique show at the Citadel’s Altman Athletic Center on Sept.21-22, 2013 was one of the best shows in Charleston, SC this year. The large upstairs connecting rooms make one long showroom with big windows that face the football field, actually part of the stadium, that floods the room with natural sunlight. It is a beautiful setting for antiques. The show is a continuation of the well known monthly antiques shows they used to have at the Gaillard Auditorium in downtown Charleston, SC.

John Dowd
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.
Nelson Garrett's Antique Show Sept. 2013
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

This show was full of some of the best dealers ever with full to overflowing exhibits. All kinds of antiques and valuable collections were there. Fortunately most of them have many more things than they could ever fit into their space, and this time they brought their best things.

John Dowd had one of the best exhibits with nothing but first class antiques. Len Harmon participates in a lot of these shows, but he had at least twice as much as usual and only the very best quality. He had many oil paintings. Jim Bass from Savannah was there, and he had an amazing collection of documents from Charleston. One of the documents was a beautifully written sales sheet for bales of cotton from March 28, 1860. One of the bales sold for $341.00. You just do not see things like that very often for sale.

There were more important looking oil paintings than usual. One dealer who specializes in sterling silver had a huge collection, but does not like for pictures to be taken of his things, unfortunately. There was jewelry with an emphasis on the best quality, like faceted amber. Oriental ceramics lovers had plenty to choose from also, including lamps. Although most of the exhibitors showcase their best and most expensive things, there were still plenty of inexpensive things as well. The next show may be at another location. Their website is Pictures of this show can be seen at, the website on antique shopping in Charleston, SC.