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Nelson Branco reports new info on Michael Muhney's firing

The Michael Muhney debacle goes on and now we have some info from one of the most reliable sources in soap opera reporting. Nelson Branco has been a trusted reporter and his Soap Opera Uncensored eZine, which has a subscriber-only audience is a true source for all things soaps.
If you remember on January 6, Muhney tweeted:
“Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”
And then:
“…and that quote doesn’t only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect”
Most would feel this addressed the problem and his plea for respect has gone unheard by some fans and especially reporters who keep fanning the flames.

Soap Opers Uncensored
Nelson Branco

Nelson Branco has published info supporting Muhney’s innocence in this terribly over reported saga. Unfortunately, no other news sources have stepped up and published these facts. Branco reported he “first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and King early last summer. Branco followed up on this . “Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there:According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.” and “Unfortunately, after speaking to several of Muhney’s co-stars and backstage crew, it’s clear the dangerous game of telephone over at Y&R turned this into the sensational lie that it is.” Branco also reported, “A backstage insider told UNCENSORED, “Michael picked a few too many battles, which is why he was let go. It had nothing to do with anything else.”

Can we assume that this reporting from a trusted journalist is true and Mr. Muhney is innocent of these unfounded rumors? This with the video tribute from his very close co-worker Sharon Case and a tweet by Melissa Claire Egan and a quote to TMZ about his professional behavior by his co-star in a movie called “The Portal”, Jenna Zablocki, who was his love interest in the movie, told TMZ “He was a gentleman, professional, and a really cool guy. We see here three of his leading ladies support him and have never had a problem with him.

Michael Muhney’s reputation with no evidence, no facts, no official statements,, only rumors and suspicions from no official sources and because Y&R, CBS and Sony haven’t said anything other than “they don’t comment on “rumors”, has been permanently soiled and we wonder when someone will step up and tell the TRUTH!

Now we see two sides of a very ugly situation and we see that there is much more to consider, but we must reserve judgement and wait for the time when someone will prove that their story is the true one. So for now we go on watching Y&R and waiting for Michael’s newest endeavor.

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