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Nekocon celebrates large attendence numbers

Nekocon was held over the weekend of November 1-3 at the Hampton Convention Center in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This year the convention celebrated Hello Kitty's birthday with a big party in honor Sanrio's biggest star. The kitty herself was even present to welcome convention attendees.

It was the conventions 16th year and it saw its greatest attendance numbers with over 6,100 people filling the halls of the convention center the the connecting Embassy Suites, which also hosted several events. It has been a couple years now that the convention has spilled over into the hotel, which features panel rooms in the lobby level.

A first time convention attendee was Stage Right Lighting which provided convention goers with a place to purchase high quality makeup and special effect items. The convention was so successful for the company that they nearly sold out the first day and had to restock from their local store in Virginia Beach. They also sponsored gift certificates that were given away to winners at the Masquerade on Saturday night which were an instant hit with many of the contestants who were anxious to spend their winnings.

The masquerade saw a modest showing this year with cosplayers from a wide range of genres including "My Little Pony", "Homestuck", and animes such as "Attack on Titan" and "Sailor Moon". This year Best in Show went to an action skit performed by Backhand Proposal Cosplay, who showed off a large cast of "Fate/Stay Night" characters. Best Performance was award to Last Minute Cosplay for their dramatic "Code Geass" skit. Best Master Craftsmanship went to Star Angel Cosplay for her Maoh from "Maoyuu" cosplay. Other award winners included a MLP duo, Assassin's Creed, and more.

A highlight for many convention goers was the concert by Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan Coulton won the 2007 Game Audio Network Guild “Song of the Year” award for “Still Alive,” which was featured in the game Portal. His song “Code Monkey” is heard each week on the G4 Television program of the same name. A large crowd swarmed the stage, dancing and singing along with Coulton as he sang songs that have become internet sensations since 2005. His sense of humor along with his catchy and often nerd based lyrics, often caused ripples of laughter through the crowd.

Nekocon has already released its dates for next year. It will be in the same location and will be held November 7th-9th. It's theme for next year will be "Wonderland" which already has people buzzing with excitement. For more information on Nekocon, visit their website at

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