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Neiman Marcus security breach seems to be caused by same malware as Target's

Neiman Marcus customers are now in the same boat as Target customers. Though it isn’t quite on the scale of Target’s information beach, The New York Times reports on Jan. 23 that 1.1 million credit and debit cards were involved in a breach that took place over a period from July to October 2013.

Neiman Marcus's security breach lasted from July to October in 2013.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The breach was first acknowledged by the company a couple weeks ago and it was officially addressed in a statement this week. The statement attributes the breach to a “malicious software” that was “clandestinely” installed on Neiman Marcus’ system. NYT’s report states that the malware appears to be the same kind that was also used in Target stores. However, that does not necessarily mean that the same people are behind both attacks. The group suspected in the Target hacks is based out of Eastern Europe.

Though over a million cards have the potential to have been accessed, credit card companies have reported that only 2,400 have been used fraudulently. The company will notify everyone who shopped at both Neiman Marcus and its outlet stores during those months. Like Target, they will extend customers free credit monitoring for year.

Neiman Marcus will work with federal agencies to review their security and payment card information systems.

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