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Neighbors try to chase away sick stray dog who latched on to compassionate woman

Juan is sick and needs donations and a rescue
Juan is sick and needs donations and a rescue
Adriana Padilla

Tijuana, Mex. - A woman noticed a pitifully skinny stray dog in her neighborhood. Moved by his pathetic plight, she gave the stray dry dog food. He didn't eat any of it, but the poor creature clung on to the only person who showed him a little kindness.

Rescue needed for this sick stray dog
Adriana Padilla

Very much alone, with no pack, no family, no shelter, and likely never having experienced love or kindness to any appreciable extent, the lonely stray dog layed down in front of the home of the woman who gave him food, and there he remained.

Unfortunately, the woman's act as a Good Samaritan unwittingly created hostility among her neighbors. Not keen about having stray animals in their "hood," they repeatedly tried to chase him away from the only place where he felt safe.

Concerned about the well-being of the stray dog, the woman contacted Adriana Padilla, who often rescues stray animals in Tijuana, particularly the most needy ones. Padilla then reached out to her rescue contacts in the U.S. for assistance by posting a photo and his story on Facebook.

One of Padilla's Facebook friends - also an animal-lover - read the post and was fully aware that the dog's presence in that neighborhood posed a precarious situation for him. She visited the place where the stray had made his "home" and retrieved him. She notified Padilla that she had him. With 10 rescue dogs of her own, however, she made it clear that she could only keep him for 3 days.

Now named Juan, he is not in good health. He will not eat or drink. He can barely walk. He is too weak to stand for long periods of time. Padilla gave Juan wet dog food in the hopes that he would eat a little. It worked, but he only ate a little bit of it. She noted that it appears as if Juan "is giving up."

The primary concerns for Juan at this time is dehydration and malnutrition. Padilla feels he should be on IV fluids. She wants to get him to a vet today, but if unsuccessful, no later than tomorrow morning.

Padilla does not have the financial resources to provide Juan with quality vet care, so donations are seriously needed.

Anyone who can contribute to Juan's care is asked to send it by PayPal to Select "Send Money" and click on "I'm sending money to family or friends."

Any rescue that is willing to step up and take on this downtrodden soul is asked to contact Perla Ortegon by email at Transportation to San Diego is available.

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