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'Neighbors' move in with a big win

Fraternity moves in to mix it up with the neighbors.
Fraternity moves in to mix it up with the neighbors.
Box Office Mojo

"Neighbors" moved in and won the weekend as it beat "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" rather easily at the box office. It took in more than projected as well. It was a huge comedy win.

"Neighbors" nabbed $51 million and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" faltered, which, after word-of-mouth and many negative reviews, was bound to happen. But, not necessarily to lose in its second weekend, however. The opening weekend was review-proof, but the fan base reaction and the like after that, took over and it showed.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was coming off a huge opening weekend, so being overtaken in its second weekend will be a huge part of the story.

Dropping around 60 percent, Spidey still grabbed second with $37.2 million. In third was "The Other Woman" with $9.25 million.

Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne, Jerrod Carmichael and Zac Efron's "Neighbors" played to a completely different audience than the superhero crowd, as did "Mom''s Night Out." After "The Other Woman" won, now another comedy sits on top. Can a comedy glut start now? Never mind, audiences were ready to laugh and they got it with "Neighbors."

The Wrap noted the audience for "Neighbors" was 53 percent female, so this played well with more than just the male audience. Noted earlier, it could play like a date movie and that seemed to play out as well.

Directed by Nick Stoller, "Neighbors" hit the comedy nerve for sure. So, two comedies and two superhero flicks crowd the top five, as "The Other Woman" is still there at No. 3 as it added another $9.25 million.

"Moms' Night Out" is not your ordinary comedy either. Its director is fed up with the Hollywood way of making films, so he made this one. One could throw this in with the recent faith-based films, without the subject matter usually associated with them. Directors and brothers Andrew and Jon Erwin aimed it at the faith-based crowd, with less raunchy behavior and bad language. It stars Sarah Drew, Logan White and Patricia Heaton.

But, "Moms' Night Out" went home early with $4.2 million.

"The Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return" went unnoticed. Perhaps she should have traveled to the "Neighbors" block. "Oz" took in an estimated $3.71 million.

"Chef" cooked up a fine per screen average of a bit over $34,000 on just six screens (total, $204,201).

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