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'Neighbors' a box office Rhino knocking down 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Anybody else believe Seth Rogen had the stuff to take on comic book movies? Not after "Green Hornet" more than likely but one thing comedy's dominant A-Lister does well is make a move in box office residence worthwhile watching, not a bad thing for the new "Neighbors". It totals $49. million by Box Office Mojo estimates.

2nd place totalling $35.5 mil
Sony Pictures
'Family vs. Frat' taglined comedy was a comedic refresher in ticket sales for 2014s Spring weekend movie leaders.
Universal Pictures

One of the hardest working comedian-cum-actors teams with star Zac Effron for a movie close to a "Freaky Friday" remake as far as casting goes. Effron switches his usual serious straight-faced role for one portraying a hard-partying frat boy. That epithet has belonged to Rogen since before 2007s mega-hit "Superbad", and even afer last year's "This is the End" did little to slant that designation. In his latest comedy film Rogen casts himself a suburban-settling father chagrined at the collegiate cavorting disturbing his adulthood lifestyle.

Rogen's Spring timed release with Universal paid off over May 9 to May 11. "Neighbors" yanked aside "Amazing Spider-Man 2" while almost moving "The Other Woman" out the Top 3s block.

Twentieth Century Fox's comedy-drama featuring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton took in $9.6 million. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" web-spun up $35.5 mil entailing a 1st place drop on its second weekend.

For Rogen this three-day opener is one live action flick that outpace all his others. "Shrek the Third", "Kung-Fu Panda" and "Monsters vs. Aliens" are all animated, and all respectively the top trio deeming the Canadian actor's debut-categorizing ticket sales.

Sans a superhero claiming number one at the box office, two Marvel proprieties have ranks within the most recent weeks' Top 5. Sony's Spider-Man sequel and Marvel Cinematic's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" which placed at 5th over the weekend to the super-soldier intake of $5.7 million. However both superhero movies are 2014s triple-threat in theaters worldwide. Both being comic book movies, action-drama trenders and directorial reprisers they are the movie pack frontrunners for this year so far: first place for the Steve Roger's Phase 2 and second held by Mark Webb's radioactive spider originator's continuance.

Upon the upcoming May 16 to May 18, though, the newest "Godzilla" could flatten "Neighbors" under it's theatrical heel.