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Neighborhoods get their share of Faulconer's 2014-15 spending

Mayor's Office
Mayor's Office
THe Mayor's One San Diego budget proposal for 2014-15 funds San Diegans work on neighborhood recoveries.

Local San Diegans can count on restored police and library services during the 2014-15 fiscal budget year. Mayor kevin Faulconer, today, proposed a recovery city work budget without the sacrifices made in previous budgets to pay for city pension and retiree health costs.

“This budget will bring San Diego smoother roads, more police on the beat, improved emergency response times when you call 911, more hours and afterschool programs at libraries, and funding to bring City Hall into the digital age,” Faulconer said. “Simply put, this nearly $3 billion budget returns City Hall’s focus to San Diego’s neighborhoods – and puts our vision for “One San Diego” to work.”

The city willinvest more than 50 percent its growth in major revnues largely from property, sales, and TOT taxes. Faulconer no longer has to put off city spending plans now that reforms to city employee benefits and managed competition have lowered city costs to tolerable levels and boosted the city's credit rating.

Major city revenues have not stopped their "moderate pace" of growth. SPending plans stay safe now that the risk of a deficit the city projected at $19.1 million in the general fund has been cancelled out.

Large investments in the city's stormwater system and street repairs increase the opportunities San DIegans have to do city work. Library workforces will stabilize after the city adds 4 hours to branch library hours and 5 hours to Central Library hours, and, gives more students an opportunity to learn in an afterschool program run at library locations. The effort to rebuild the city's police force, after years the force shrank, will build up the level of activev police work. Cadets that come from larger academy classes will fill new positions onthe force. Faulconer also funded the department's position offers in its plan to retain officers on its force.

Job opportunities building fits in Faulconer's plans to revive economic opportunities throughout San Diego. The San Diego Workforce Partnership will get $200,000 for its CONNECT2Careers program.

The new Mayor plans on using city budget money in the $2.97 billion dollar budget to make sure opportunities do not end in any San Diego neighborhood. “By targeting the surplus revenue in this budget to services that have been cut over the years, San Diego is back on track and set up for success," he said today.

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