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Neighborhood spotlight: Phinney Ridge

Phinney Ridge boasts a wide selection of bars and restaurants and the 74th St is a granddaddy.
Phinney Ridge boasts a wide selection of bars and restaurants and the 74th St is a granddaddy.

If neighborhoods were celebrities: Phinney Ridge would be Jennifer Lawrence in my eyes. The first bar in the area was so successful and awesome that it just had to be a fluke, but it continues to impress us with its diversity, style, and blockbusters, leaving us so satisfied that we can’t wait to see what will be next.

Heading north to Phinney Ridge you’re greeted by El Chupacabre. This eccentric home-turned punk rock cantina is destined to have a line but you can bet your burrito that it will be worth the wait. The bar is eclectic, tequilas are many, patio is awesome, and the full sleeve tattoo of your waitress will be interesting enough to make the wait totally acceptable. Not to mention, the food is big and delicious.

Though the Ridge boasts a handful of pizza options I lean toward Ridge Pizza. They are sports friendly with an extensive TV selection, and even though they are fairly new to the game, opening in 2012, they represent Phinney well with local menu names and a walk through Phinney’s history on their walls and website.

From there, pub-crawl north and for Reinheitsgebot’s sake don’t skip out on Prost! Prost packs in all the greatest Germanic beers. Chris Navarra, proprietor, knows German pubs. He spent his summers in Germany with his Grandfather and emulates the heart and soul of Germany in his business, making it one of the more successful pubs in Seattle.

The 74th Street Alehouse is a quintessential Seattle bar and, let’s face it, alehouse icon. It’s good for a delicious cup of gumbo and a huge selection of local beers. As a Seattleite it seems a mandatory stop. Owners, Jeff (and Jeff), are pioneers and leaders when it comes to trying out new beers.

About that new upcoming “blockbuster:” Hecho: Cocina y Cantina will be debuting in March just across Greenwood from Prost, and showcasing not only great Mexican fare, but a ‘Jardin de Cervesa’. Can’t wait.

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