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Neighborhood Girls Losing Their Innocence for Tuition

lost innocence
lost innocence
jodi emmer

Is this the impression we want to invoke on our average neighborhood teenage girls? To make them think that turning to sex for money is an acceptable form of paying for college or rent or shopping money? Do we want our girls to feel “empowered” for accepting cash for performing in a porn film to pay for their life expenses?
Duke Freshman, Belle Knox, has recently been discovered shooting adult films to pay for her education and she is absolutely fine with it. She feels completely in the right and a voice for female empowerment,

She seems to think being empowered is paying for her school in such a way that she will not have to rely on borrowed money from the bank or parents resources to get her through Duke. However, the consequences of her actions may not be the golden ticket she envisions.
According to Time writer Eliana Dockterman:

  • “If you haven’t heard, there’s a freshman at Duke University who moonlights as a porn star. During school breaks, Belle Knox (that’s her porn name — she’s still keeping her real name under wraps) flies to Los Angeles and shoots adult films. She uses the money she makes to pay for college…as well as to purchase iPad minis and designer handbags, according to a profile of her in the Duke Chronicle. Her identity was revealed on campus in January when a male friend got drunk at a fraternity rush event and told others. The infamous story of Belle Knox , the freshman porn star has quickly spread by word of mouth and text.”

Also from Time Magazine, they mention an interview from Playboy magazine:

  • “On Tuesday, Knox was again a top search term when Playboy published an interview with her in which she revealed her porn name for the first time. Again, she tried to make her case for adult films as a venue of female empowerment saying that while many feminists fight against the porn industry — arguing it degrades and objectifies women, gives a generation of porn-obsessed men unrealistic sexual expectations, and overall hurts our relationships — there needs to be someone within the porn industry fighting for women’s sexual autonomy as well as their self-expression.”

Maybe porn does in actuality objectify women and make them less respectful in the eyes of their classmates or parents or potential employers later on in life since the history of Belle Knox will inevitably follow her around for the rest of her life thanks to the internet and online reputations which can easily be found on exactly what every individual is doing at any time for the rest of our lives.

Neighborhood girls, the girl next door, these are the teenagers who end up tarnished, used and abused and thrown away by the very industry that pays for them as long as they stay youthful and fresh.
Oh well, this is the era we live in and we choose our fate, no matter how embarrassing or self-righteous we choose our activities to be. Whether we dedicate our lives to charitable causes or Pornographic imagery, the reality is, it never goes away. Whatever media is put on the internet or on film is with us forever, and it is a stain on one’s reputation that cannot be erased.

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