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Neighborhood crime reported daily on free Internet site

Americans wondering if assaults, breaking and entering and robberies are happening in their neighborhood do not have to wait for the local news sources to keep them up to date. Real time information is available at no cost to them with a map showing exact locations of where and what crimes have taken place.

Neighborhood criminal being arrested

The information is available at no charge to the public as it proactively tracks and publishes crime data on an interactive map. Citizens can review the crime type, time, general location and name of the agency reporting the crime. Law enforcement agencies engaged with the service include police and sheriff departments.

Citizens can register to receive official alerts, request daily, weekly or monthly updates through e-mail messaging with descriptions and locations of crimes while the victim’s name is protected. They can also submit anonymous tips through two-way communication using e-mail.

Free access is available using the Internet on a computer and on mobile applications for smart phones and tablet devices making the crime maps and information available anytime and anywhere.

ABC57 News in South Bend used the free service in covering the incidence of crime in that area. The station reported that they were able to see where and when crime was happening each day across the city. This was in comparison to the information that is sometimes only reported once a year by the police.

PublicEngines states that its mission is

to help prevent crime with easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions that facilitate crime analysis, supply actionable intelligence, and increase public engagement.

Services include CrimeReports’s online crime mapping and CommandCentral that provides intuitive and affordable analytics and data.

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