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Neighbor steals pet pig in order to butcher him, woman claims

Justice for Henry / Facebook

A beloved pet pig belonging to a California woman is dead after neighbors allegedly tried to steal the pig. The woman claims the neighbors said they were going to butcher him, reported CBS13 on Thursday.

Sara Mangiaracina of Woodland called the 85-pound pig named ‘Henry’ her best friend. “I don't think I'll ever get over the loss of my friend” she posted on the Facebook page set up for Henry, entitled Justice for Henry.

The five-year-old pig was clever; he knew how to sit, shake, spin, figure eight and stand up in his hind legs. He also knew the commands for ‘no’ and ‘go to bed.’

But things changed just over a week ago, while Mangiaracina was at work. “Henry was tied up and drug to a neighbors house” she stated. “They said that they were gonna take him and slaughter him, that’s what they were going to do with him.” Mangiaracina said the neighbors put a choke chain around Henry’s neck and body and pulled the pig down the street to their house.

After police were called, Mangiaracina said, her mother brought Henry back home. But once the pig returned home, she noted that he wasn't eating and was acting scared.

Then on August 8, when Mangiaracina went to check on him, she was shocked to find her pig was dead. Henry died of a heart attack.

Mangiaracina said the pig had been perfectly healthy. She believes that the stress of being tied up and dragged down the street could have caused his heart to fail, adding “who knows what they did to him while they had him.”

The case is being investigated by Yolo County Animal Services. Henry was sent to be tested for cause of death.

While another neighbor told CBS13 they thought it was done as a joke, Mangiaracina isn’t laughing.

“I'm hoping they can prove and charge animal cruelty” Mangiaracina said, “because witnesses said Henry was screaming so loud and didn't want to go in the house with them. He is harness and leash trained so if he wanted to go with the(m) he would have.”

To follow Justice for Henry on Facebook, click here.

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