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Neighbor saves dog's life and now needs your help

Kief is looking for a rescue to save his life.
Kief is looking for a rescue to save his life.Sharing 2 Save Animals

Jeff Bashore from Corona, CA, came to the rescue when his neighbor’s dog Kief a 4-year-old pit bull mix, jumped his fence and wound up on death row at the local shelter. When Kief’s owners refused to claim ownership, Bashore went to the shelter to save his life.

Kief is a very lovable 4-year-old pit bull mix that needs to find a rescue.
Kief is a very lovable 4-year-old pit bull mix that needs to find a rescue.Sharing 2 Save Animals

Bashmore lived by Kief for 4 years. He witnessed Kief get lost in the chaos of his neighbor’s struggling life. If Kief was not in his yard, he was left in a kennel. Kief really never knew what it was like to be a part of a family. So one day late last month, Kief’s decided to jump the fence and see what life was like elsewhere. Animal Control quickly caught him and placed him in holding until his owners could be found. Kief was very thin and had lost some of his fur because of the unhealthy living conditions he had been forced to live in. When Kief’s owners refused to come forward, the shelter listed him to be euthanized. That is when Bashmore knew he needed to give Kief a second chance at life.

Bashmore knew he could not afford to take care of another dog, but he scraped together the money for his adoption fee, and all the vet care Kief needed including his neuter fee. Bashmore found a temporary foster to take in Kief because Bashmore already had a dog that he knew would not accept another dog. But with no funds left and the temporary foster home telling him he needs to find a permanent home soon, Bashmore posted a plea on Facebook to find a rescue for Kief.

Kief needs to find a rescue that will work with him and teach him normal commands. Kief was never socialized or trained in his 4-years of life. Bashmore has started a fundraiser to raise the money for a Kief fund. This fund will be used to help find Kief a rescue, help buy him food, and help get him the training that he will need to become adoptable. If you are a rescue and have the room for one more dog, please contact the Sharing 2 Save Animals Facebook page.