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Neighbor latest suspect in Erin Corwin case, Twentynine Palms

Just when followers of the Erin Corwin case thought things couldn’t get more convoluted, news surfaced yesterday that Erin and Jonathan Corwin's neighbor has been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Erin Corwin
San Bernadino Sheriff's Department

Erin is the 20-year-old-pregnant wife of Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin stationed aboard Marine Base Twentynine Palms, Calif. Erin disappeared on June 28.

Since the day her disappearance was reported to law enforcement, massive land and air searches were organized but turned up no results. After her 2013 Toyota Corolla was found near the base her family suspected foul play.

The initial report to authorities said Erin had left the house about 7 a.m. Saturday, June 28, to meet her mom, Lore Heavilin, in the Joshua Tree National Park to investigate places to do some photography. She hasn’t been seen since.

New information taken from documents filed at the Joshua Tree courthouse indicates that Erin had, instead, planned a day’s outing with her neighbor, former Marine Christopher Brandon Lee, 24, with whom she was having an affair. High Desert detectives believe Erin might have been shot and killed while on that outing. Police say Lee was afraid to tell his wife he was having an affair.

This was reported by yesterday:

"It is highly likely that Erin could have been harmed by an unknown firearm," detectives wrote in court documents. "Sometime after Erin left with Lee, her phone was deactivated (turned off). Detectives believe if Erin was injured and left at an undisclosed location, she would not (be) able to call for help."

Erin's husband, Jonathan Corwin has never been a suspect in the case, in fact, none of the local reporting ever suggested that he was considered a “person of interest.”

Law enforcement said Lee was arrested as a result of a search carried out at the home his family had recently vacated. Detectives said spent shell casings were found, but the location where those casings were found was not clear.

Christopher Lee told detectives he was not with Corwin on the day she disappeared, but confirmed he had been hunting in Joshua Tree National Park.

Lee apparently left for Alaska July 16, just days following his honorable discharge from the Marines.

Until Erin, or her body, can be found it remains to be seen who the father of the unborn child is.

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