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Negroni Week

Cocktails for a cause!
Cocktails for a cause!
Image from Campari & Imbibe

Negroni Week is here! From June 2-8, celebrate with the world by drinking one of the greatest cocktails in creation and giving back to a charitable cause! For the next week more than 1,000 bars, restaurants and ice cream shops around the globe are participating in this delicious event by donating a portion of the proceeds (at least $1) from each Negroni ordered to a charity of their choice. Campari (one of the main ingredients in the cocktail) will also donate $10,000 to the top establishment’s charity. The event, sponsored by Imbibe and Campari, encourages those involved to create variations on the Negroni (which will also apply to the fundraising event). Dozens of bars in New York will partake in Negroni Week, supporting charities such as Food Bank for New York City, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, ASPCA, Autism Speaks, Meals on Wheels and more.

For more information about Negroni Week or to see participating places in New York that are part of the event, check out the website! There is also a link to download your own Negroni passport and see top bars in other cities that are part of the action. Cheers!