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Negrete McLeod deciding between county seat and Congress

Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod
Courtesy of Gloria Negrete McLeod

As reported yesterday, Feb. 10, 2014, on, according to a national Democratic source out of Washington, D.C., Representative Gloria Negrete McLeod is reconsidering her plans to run for a seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in lieu of running for re-election. The first-term congresswoman beat Joe Baca for redistricted seat in 2012 in a hotly contested race.

The first day of filing closed yesterday without Negrete McLeod pulling papers for the county seat. If she opts to leave Congress, she will be facing Assemblyman Curt Hagman for the Fourth District supervisorial seat. Negrete McLeod has close to a million dollars in her local war chest.

Hagman is ramping up his fundraising and expects to have $500,000 at a minimum. Local businessmen will add another $300,000 or more on Hagman’s behalf to fight Negrete McLeod due to what they call her “big government” agenda that she has pushed during her years in Congress and the California State Senate and Assembly.

As a member of Congress, Negrete McLeod voted at least 31 times to ensure federal funding for Obamacare and/or to uphold the president's law as passed. According to sources, her professional polling results indicated Obamacare could tank her chances in San Bernardino County.

Negrete McLeod voted to set up the Obamacare state exchange that denied people the right to keep their health care plan. She also rejected bi-partisan legislation to restore the right of patients to keep their health care plans—even though the president promised people could keep their plans.

With a free ride at another term in Congress, will Negrete McLeod make the risky move at challenging Hagman for a four-year term for the county seat or an easy return to Washington? We will know no later than March 7.

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