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Negotiation for higher pay and better benefits

How can you make yourself more likely to be promoted? Have a presence that inspires trust and likability. Share and create opportunities that prove that you serve beyond your role. A positive attitude can create your influential voice as you act an ambassador of values for the organization. Be courageous and authentic and you will command a strong saw with your leadership style, your willingness to embrace diversity, and your abilities to speak and write.

When negotiating for a higher salary or greater benefits consider the following strategies. First research your value based on education and experience. Don't disclose a salary range first when negotiating. Instead say that you'll expect fair pay and benefits based on your experience and unique skills. If an offer is made, counter offer with the evidence related to your performance, and adopt the attitude that you're worth more money than the original offer.

If you're not bargaining for more money , you're looking for benefits such as an early salary review, flex time/telecommunting, an expense allowance, share options, or professional development classes.

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