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Neglected senior dog returned to owner; Chelmsford woman faces charges

Valerie Kopacz faces charges about her two dogs.
Valerie Kopacz faces charges about her two dogs.
courtesy Lowell Sun

A Chelmsford woman goes back to court after violating previous orders from the court, according to the Lowell Sun. Valerie Kopacz, 42, appeared in Lowell District Court on May 8, 2014 to answer to charges regarding disobeying a dog order to quarantine and violating a municipal law ordinance.

In March of 2013, Kopacz's senior Labrador Bizmo, 15, was found running loose and brought to the Chelmsford dog pound. It was determined that he was severely malnourished, dehydrated and had a severe ear infection in both ears. Erik Merrill, the Chelmsford Animal Control Officer, reported that the dog was in “deplorable condition” and that the ear infections were “very painful for the dog.”

Bizmo was kept at animal control for three months, due to a lack of vaccinations, where he received antibiotics for the ear infections and food to out on weight. He gained seven pounds while there. Bizmo was returned to Kopacz in June 2013.

Earlier in February 2013, Kopacz's other dog, a German Shepherd, was reported to have bitten someone and attacked another dog. He went into quarantine and Kopacz was ordered to keep him confined and muzzled. He was labeled a “dangerous dog.”

Kopacz failed to keep one dog muzzled and pay the costs of treatment for the other dog. Kopacz claims she has not mistreated her dogs and that because she works in the pharmaceutical industry in relation to those with cancer and multiple sclerosis, she “would not do anything bad” to her dogs.

Further, Kopacz disputes the amount owed, $1887, for the three months of care that Bizmo received.

She heads back to court regarding both dogs May 19.

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