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Neglected Maltese abandoned in outdoor kennel at shelter in sub-freezing weather

Jacob is a badly neglected Maltese who was abandoned in sub-freezing temperatures in an outdoor kennel at the shelter during the night Monday.
Animal Welfare Society of Monroe

Who in the world would abandon a severe matted and neglected Maltese in an outdoor kennel at a shelter in sub-freezing temperatures? That's an answer that the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe wants, according to an article posted today on the WMFZ website.

Jacob was found by shelter staff this morning; he caught their eyes immediately because he wasn't there when they closed yesterday. David Carbone of the AWSOM was clearly disturbed that someone could leave a small dog in his condition in an outdoor kennel with no food, water or blankets. When Shelter staff found Jacob this morning, he was cold and shivering, and could barely stand, yet he licked the hands of the staff member who went to check on him.

Carbone told WMFZ:

"They just left him like a piece of garbage."

It turns out being left at the shelter even under those conditions may have saved Jacob's life. The staff took note of the severe neglect Jacob was suffering from and rushed him to to Pocono Peak Veterinary Center for treatment. Dr. Christine Bongiorno, a vet at the Center, described Jacob's condition toe WFMZ:

"Severe matting on the right front leg was causing the effect of tourniquet…cutting off the blood supply….The tissue underneath started dying off from the constriction. There was exposed tendon, muscle, and bone.."

Bongiorno said that Jacob was fortunate to end up at the shelter when he did; because of the severe infection in his leg, he probably would not have lasted another week without treatment.

As it is, Jacob faces surgery to amputate his leg. In addition, he will need to have several of his teeth removed.

Although Jacob has been severely neglected, his future looks bright. There is already a list of people wanting to adopt him.

Meanwhile, the shelter hopes that someone will recognize Jacob, and come forward so they can get to the bottom of what happened.

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