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Neglected dog recovering after living sad life on a heavy tow-chain

A life of suffering
Noah's Arks Rescue

A life of suffering has left a tangible mark on a dog who was just rescued in South Carolina. Josey, a pit bull mix, was recently picked up by animal control after they received a report about a starving, neglected dog.

The four-year-old dog is emaciated and a portion of her neck has been sliced open by the heavy chain which was left around her body for perhaps her entire life.

Noah's Arks Rescue, the non-profit rescue organization which is currently caring for Josey, wrote:

The chain had literally become so embedded that it was a part of her neck with veins intertwined and skin that had grown into it. Based on the depth of the wounds, she literally had to have been in this death trap most of her life.It would have eventually choked her to death and in the process prevented her from eating or drinking.

Josey is currently receiving life-saving veterinary care at a specialist in Columbia. Despite her life of loneliness and neglect, and her obvious pain and suffering, she has remained sweet and affectionate.

Noah's Arks Rescue wrote:

This little pit bull is so sweet and loving. She is a bundle of joy that can't believe she is finally free. She was very timid at first but is now warming up to everyone and loves being curled up in someone's arms. It is like she has never had affection before. Josey gets along great with other dogs and loves people. She will make a wonderful companion for a very lucky family.

The person responsible for this life of anguish is behind bars - amazingly, the rescue agency discovered that the man has been in jail for some time...nobody knows who, if anyone, was caring for Josey. By the appearance of her skeletal body - it was likely no one.

Read more about Josey and how you can help here.

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