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Neglected 14 year old deaf cocker spaniel surrendered by callous owners

First step is to make Freckles comfortable and clean her up.
First step is to make Freckles comfortable and clean her up.
A Shelter Friend

For 14-years, Freckles, the cocker spaniel has spent her life outdoors. No one knows if she was ever loved or cared for by a family; just a few days ago, her heartless owners surrendered the deaf, matted mess to a high-kill animal shelter in Elizabethtown, N.C. Freckles was simply turned away and cast off like yesterday's trash.

A Shelter Friend has vowed to help Freckles enjoy her life from this day forward; no matter how much time she has left.
A Shelter Friend

Besides being deaf, this pitiful senior has two cherry eyes, (a condition that prevents normal lubrication of the eye and can cause irritation and infections) and her coat was matted with feces and sticks. Poor Freckles couldn't even urinate without soaking her coat; she reeked of all offensive odors.

A Shelter Friend, a 501(c)3 North Carolina organization of volunteers who work in the southeastern part of the state, refused to allow Freckles the final indignity of being cast off as if her life never mattered.

On Saturday, the organization had made the decision to help Freckles. Posted on the A Shelter Friend's Facebook page:

"ASF cannot bare to watch this travesty. Freckles deserves to spend whatever time she has left in a loving home We ask your help again. Freckles needs a rescue to take her in. A grooming and bath and medical attention to address her medical issues. We ask again for your help, Help with vetting Boarding and care until rescue can be found.

Please help us right this injustice. Whatever time this dog has left, she deserves a clean loving home where she is valued not discarded like yesterdays rubbish."

Donations will go towards Freckles grooming, her vet needs and boarding expenses until a foster home or a rescue is able to step forward to help.

If you would like to help Freckles, please click here for more information.

Join Freckles' special link on Facebook as her life miraculously changes.

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